Iris Ministries Canada Team

Iris Ministries Canada is passionate to see more of the Kingdom of God brought to this earth, most especially by caring for the poor, the broken, the lost and the forgotten.  

We all have been deeply touched and drawn by the love and the ministry that flows out through the greater Iris family network. We are watching amazed as the Lord provides all that we need, and learning as never before that truly, because Jesus died, there will always be enough. It is on this foundational truth that IMC rests.

Board of Directors

Janis Chevreau
Executive Director
Oakville, Ontario

Janis first heard about the ministry in Mozambique in 1998, and was immediately drawn to the ways in which the Spirit was at work in southern Africa. In 1999 she and her family spent a month in Africa and came home knowing that the Lord had intimately connected her heart to the people of this nation.

“Seeing and touching the love of God poured out on the poorest of the poor, on the sick and the hungry, knowing Jesus is close to the weak and the broken, and receiving the love that flows out through these precious ones, has forever changed me and challenged me to live a life that stops for the one. It is my great privilege and joy to be part of what the Lord is purposing."


Jim Anderson

Jim Anderson
Swift Current, Saskatchewan 

Jim and his wife Donna first heard and met the Bakers at a conference in Toronto in 1998. They were deeply impacted by Rolland and Heidi’s passion for Jesus Christ and their hearts for helping the poorest of the poor in Mozambique.

Their immediate response was a desire to visit Mozambique to see and share in what the Bakers were doing there. That opportunity finally came in 2004 when Jim and his daughter Nancy visited the Zimpeto Children's Centre in Maputo. Jim, Donna, and two of their children returned to Maputo in July 2005. Through the ministry trips to the dump, the streets, the jails and hospitals their eyes were opened and their hearts broken. They fell in love with Africa and especially with the beautiful people of this nation.

Jim is a lawyer. He and Donna have adult three children.

Because Jim began encountering needy widows and youth in his law practice, the Andersons began a ministry to widows, orphans and the poor by establishing a charitable foundation in 1978.

Jim welcomes the opportunity to serve on the IMC board because he believes this ministry really fulfills the Lord Jesus’ heart for the lost and broken.

"He defended the cause of the poor and needy and so
all went well; is that not what it means to know me,
declares the Lord.
" Jeremiah 22:16


Dr. Annerie FourieDr. Annerie Fourie
Coldstream, British Columbia 

Dr. Fourie was born and raised in South Africa. She received her medical degree in South Africa before moving to Canada in 2001 with her husband. Her husband is also a medical doctor. They now have three beautiful children, are all Canadian citizens, and live in British Columbia. She continues to practice medicine part time as well as managing a busy household.

Dr. Fourie has visited Mozambique on three different occasions and was struck each time by the people of that nation. In the midst of their severe poverty they are a generous and sacrificial people with huge hearts. Her heart has been forever changed by these encounters. She has seen firsthand the humility and unconditional love in the lives of the missionaries who work among the poor in Africa.



10384739_10152506311702341_663666449475130244_n_1_0.jpg Angie Steyn
Oakville, Ontario

Angie was born and raised in Durban, South Africa, where she lived until she moved with her husband and their two children to Canada in January 2018. Angie was a registered dietitian in South Africa, and for many years worked in hospitals serving poverty stricken areas in Kwazulu-Natal and training and mentoring students at the university, while also practicing clinical work and doing research. Angie and her husband were ordained as pastors in 2011, have each written a book, and have shared publically at schools, churches, businesses and youth gatherings. Angie first heard of Iris when a documentary film about Rolland & Heidi Baker was screened at their church in South Africa. She and her husband were deeply touched by what they saw.