April 2014 Zimpeto Sewing Training Program Update

We are pleased that while the Blanchettes are back in Canada for this season, the sewing training program has been able continue and flourish! Below are three first hand reports.

Lourdes (who is teaching the girls and ladies) writes:

'May the Lord Jesus Christ be with us all. During the 6 months I am here, things went very good, by the grace of God. The girls made many beautiful things and there are 24 girls that are sewing good and 10 new girls learning to sew. They are doing well and also have a desire to learn more. Ladies from the community are 4 that come regular and 2 that had babies, they will come again. Total: 34 students and 4 ladies from the community.'


Ilda (a girl that was re-integrated back into her family home but is still coming to the sewing room) writes:

'I practice sewing because I like it and know that one day this will be of much importance to me. After 3 years of sewing I know how to do many things,like making bags, skirts, curtains and many other things. I was wondering if someday I will have my own machine or be given some things like sewing materials; that will be wonderful. I appreciate it very much to sew because I know that one day it might support me.'

Ivette (a woman from the community) writes:

'I practice sewing because of my dream of being a model. It is very important for me. I hope to have in the future materials for making clothes, bags and much more. I like it because I learned many things that will help me a lot in future. I learn well and have a teacher that teaches with passion and love. Thanks for the opportunity we have through this program.'