April 2015 Jason Dueck Update

Time has flown by for me since I arrived here in Brazil at the beginning of December, and I just wanted to take a bit of time to briefly share some of the things that God has been doing and some of my focuses.

One of my main focuses in these last months has been leading and planning outreaches into the interior regions of Ceara which is also known as the Sertão. We have made many trips outside of Fortaleza in the last number of months and we have seen God leading and working. We have three main towns where we are working in the Sertão. Our goal is to proclaim Christ where he is not known, in places with no church, or places with a small number of believers.

We have seen God move in miraculous ways in the past months. We went to a small city named Marco a few weeks ago because that was where we felt God leading us. However, we had no contacts in the city, and when we arrived we had no place to stay. We found a local church, and after talking with the pastor for a while, realized that we would not be able to spend the night there. It was already dark and we still had no place to stay. My friend Marcus and I went to see if we could find a place for the team to sleep. Marcus felt the Lord tell him to look for a man named John (Joãzinho more specifically), and we found a man who knew him. We went to John’s house and found out that he was one of the leaders of the city. John gave us supper and a place to stay. In the days that followed, we did evangelism and saw people saved and physically healed. We are currently doing a missions school that will run until June 1st. We are hoping that we will be able to work in a yet more focused way in the interiors after the school. It is our hope to plant churches and to train leaders, and for this we will need to spend more time in the areas we have started working.


[Jason and a man named Isaac, who we are hoping to train as a leader in the interior.]

One of my main focuses right now is the mission’s school that we are currently doing. I usually teach two or three times per week and this takes up a good portion of my time. I am also involved with discipling the students in small groups and in one on one settings. Beyond this, I am involved with planning and leading outreaches during the school. It is wonderful to see how God is touching the lives of these students and giving them a heart for the lost and for missions.

My other focus during these past months has been working with drug traffickers in the favela (or slum) called Oitão Preto. Myself, as well as a few other missionaries, meet regularly with five or six men who are hungry for more than the lifestyle that they are currently living. I am amazed at the open door that God has put before us, and at the openness of these men. I am praying that they would say yes to Jesus and experience his transforming power in their lives. I believe that prayer is key in seeing the lives of these men transformed, and I believe that they are a key for the community of Oitão to be transformed. Drug abuse is one of the main problems in Oitão, and if these men give their lives to Jesus it will certainly have a massive impact in the community.


[Jason and the traffickers in the favela.]

I will need to be leaving the country of Brazil shortly because of my visa but I hope to return as soon as I can and work in a more focused way in the interiors.