April 2017 Children's Feeding Program in Northern Mozambique Update

As we regularly report, our major on-going food programs in northern Mozambique include regular food distribution to over 150 poor families (including about a thousand children); powdered milk distribution to over 60 mothers and babies; complete food and care for over 80 resident children in Mieze and Noviane; support for another 55 village children through the sponsorship program; and weekly feeding of 600 village children following the Saturday discipleship program. All of this is funded through your gifts to Iris Ministries Canada.


[About 600 poor, hungry village children gather at our Mieze Children’s Centre every Saturday morning for the children’s discipleship program.]

IMG_2439 (2) (2)_0.jpg

[Every child receives a plate of nutritious beans and rice following the program.]

These programs literally mean the difference between life and death for most recipients.

However, our goal goes even beyond that. We are working to see as many of these children as possible advance beyond the place of daily vulnerability to the place where they are able to look forward to a more secure future. The residential care program and the village sponsorship programs are designed to take individual children to this important next level and give them opportunities for their future which extreme poverty has denied to all previous generations of their village families.