April 2017 Don & Eliabeth Kantel Update

As noted in their October, 2016 Update, the Kantels have used relationships more than traditional preaching per se as their most effective vehicle for evangelism in their work among village people in northern Mozambique. And the result is that thousands have come out of the darkness of unbelief into a lively relationship with their heavenly Father.

During the past six months, this emphasis has been highlighted by two unusual and highly relational events. Don and their Mozambican Administrator Martinho Djirane were honoured guests at two family celebrations: one in Mieze Village and the other in Pemba Village. In both cases, the families had received significant financial help in improving their housing and also had several children benefitting from regular support through IMC's "Stop for the One--Canada" sponsorship program.

These celebrations--"festas"--included a multi-course meal prepared over large open fires, much camaraderie, and speeches of appreciation by the families. Extended family members were invited too, of course. So in both cases, there were 30-40 adults and children on hand--plus many dozen more neighboring children who were watching all the proceedings.

Such precious moments cross all the traditional boundaries of culture, skin colour, language, etc., etc. As children of their heavenly Father, all are enjoying a foretaste of the unique equality that will characterize his perfect Kingdom for ever and ever.


[Celebratory meal with Mieze Village family. The parents are in the background and the three sponsored children are seated to Don’s left and right.