April 2017 Gloria Mulder Update

Hi Friends and Family,

Thank you for your support over these past months. I am grateful for what you have provided: prayers, skype chats, WhatsApp pictures, finances, a willing ear to listen. This is what keeps me going. I could not do it without you.

The past couple of months I have been caring for a youth with a terminal brain mass. This brain mass causes excess fluid to form in the brain. He has two internal drains that allow the fluid to pass into his abdominal cavity. At times these drains malfunction and the fluid is not able to drain properly. The buildup of fluid in the brain causes him to become unresponsive and he is not able to eat or drink. It is frustrating to know that if he were in another country such as Canada that he would be able to receive treatment for this issue from knowledgeable and caring healthcare professionals. It is heartbreaking to see the injustice that can occur just by being born in a country that does not have the resources or knowledge to provide the care that he needs. I have to reconcile with myself that I am providing the best care available to this child by keeping him on the centre where he will receive love and care from his overseeing missionary and the Mozambican staff. I come to peace knowing that his dignity will be maintained and that when he dies it will be in peace surrounded by those who love him.


Your love, prayers, and finances enable me to provide this care to these children here. Thank you for being my resources and know that it is making an impact for good.


Thank you!