April 2017 Sue Silva Update

We have now moved to the village.  Praise the Lord!  It is quieter, greener, more peaceful and Heavenly! But we have no power, except by generator for 4 hours each night, and our wells are running dry. Still, we are so blessed to be here!

My accommodation is still in process, so I am living with Pastor Andrew and his family again, sharing a room with his 2 young daughters. He has great visions and dreams, but the focus now is to get the wells dug before the rainy season starts, which could be April/May, and to finish the missionary housing so that we can  accommodate teams that are arriving.

We have been doing evangelism and praying for the sick in the villages and at the local clinic. I have also begun children’s' ministry. I organize and lead Sunday school, boys' club (8 - 12), girls' club (6 - 10), and senior girls' club (14 -20 +).


I am training these kids to recognize and work with the Holy Spirit and what they see their Heavenly Papa doing. They learn the Word of God and how it applies to them in their daily life. I'm excited to see them develop and become sensitive to the working of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

The senior girls' club is more of a challenge, with teenage issues and attitude. About 1/2 are Christian and 1/2 Muslim. Pray for the girls to be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit and to bring transformation to their villages. Pray for all the kids to have ears to hear, their faith eyes opened, and a Holy boldness to come upon them.


Pastor Andrew has also started a mini Bible school. As he gets busier, I can see myself becoming more involved in the teaching there.

Pray for more doors to be opened and for my sensitivity to God's leading to be heightened as I trust Him with all the details of my life.

With appreciation and love,