April 2017 Zimpeto Bible School Update

Greetings in the name of the Lord.

We would like to celebrate Gods goodness as we begin this year. In the mist of the difficulties and struggles our country and its people are facing, we quote Romans 8:28 as we share this testimony, recognizing that “All things work together for good for those who love God and walk according to His purposes.”

Our school year has had a great start this year; we have one of the largest groups we have had in the last couple of years. A total of 56 students are enrolled.
As soon as we announced the enrolment dates, students started pouring in from all different parts of Maputo, Gaza and Inhambane - the three southern provinces of Mozambique.
In the first week of classes we had already reached the maximum number of students we could receive.

This year we arel no longer be renting a house in the community for the ladies. God provided us with a new facility for the women (which used to be the Zimpeto widows house). After having painted the place, the students were able to move in right away. Since we can accommodate more, we have a total of 20 women enrolled this term. Fourteen of these women are living in the new facility. We are rejoicing in this, as previously we considered it a miracle if we had 8 women enroll in the bible school each term.

Diversity in the Body

It is amazing to see how God can gather such a diverse group of students in one place.

There are older mature believers who are serving and leading churches but feel that there is more they can receive from God, and young men and women who have had powerful encounters with God and felt the conviction of having to be here to learn more of what God has for them.

Our school has enrolled a married couple from Gaza this term who decided to come together to be trained and study the Word of God away from their home for the full term (three months). We have pastors who are leading churches, but felt the need to come study with us here. We also have young men and women who have come from many different denominations, and are in the frontline of the battlefield in their ministries where they are serving under their pastors. Three of our women students are pastor’s wives back at their homes.

More of You Lord!

The courses yield many supernatural experiences, with angels coming and going with messages for the students. In one particular case, a student saw angels during one of the classes and, he was so excited that he wanted to tell the teachers about it. The moment he went to open his mouth, he could not speak at all, and remained like this, mute, for a couple of weeks! We prayed, and his pastors came to the school very concerned. We however believed that the Lord wanted to teach him and us all something, so we did not worry.  When he received his voice back his testimony was full of the goodness of God! We have students who share with us that they have seen Jesus come to them. This is surely Gods time for the Zimpeto Bible School!

We really appreciate and thank God for your prayers and support.

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[First level students]

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[Second level students]

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[Third level students]