April 2018 Children's Feeding Program In Northern Mozambique Update

One of our most important children's feeding programs is the regular plate of hot beans and rice provided for the 500-plus poor village children who attend the Saturday discipleship program at our Mieze "Village of Love."

In the past, due to the high cost of the beans, these hungry kids have received mostly rice and only a tiny serving of beans. The kids are grateful for the rice because it's something warm and filling in their tummies; but the beans provide the protein, and we haven't been able to offer much of that in the past.

However,  we've recently been greatly blessed to receive a generous donation from one of our most compassionate long-time supporters, specifically ear-marked to provide more beans for these poor village kids on Saturday mornings. The kids are so thankful...and their numbers have noticeably increased in recent weeks. Thank you, Jesus!


[A hungry village child receiving a plate of rice with a generous helping of nutritious beans…thanks to the support of a long-standing friend of IMC.]