April 2018 Gloria Mulder Update

Hi Friends and Family,

I hope this finds you well. We are currently in the end of summer. I am looking forward to having some cooler weather soon.

I’ve been learning recently that loving people is one of the greatest things in life. Rather than just focusing on the task at hand, I have found that there is more joy in connecting with people’s hearts and just being with them, without agenda; simply enjoying their company and who they are.

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I have enjoyed connecting with children’s hearts by spending time with them. This has looked like doing crafts, having them teach me to dance, and walking with them to their dorm after church.

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In other moments, this connection has looked like gaining the trust of a young child who was then able to sit with me and rest her head on my chest. For others it is giving the children time and sitting with them.

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It has also looked like singing a song if their choice with a child.

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Being able to speak and understand more Portuguese has also helped my ability to connect with the Mozambican people. Thankfully the language of kindness and smiles fills in the gaps of my imperfect Portuguese.

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Thank you for your love and prayers and continued support.