April 2018 Jen Jewett Update

Our work on the riverside continues, teaching about Jesus, hygiene, how to stay safe from strangers, and working with families to keep their children and grandchildren safe. The past several months we have been working on developing the investigation side of our work. We've hired a full time investigator who works closely with our riverfront team but separate from our kids clubs, so he can remain anonymous. This way, if we have any concerns about anything we see while we're out there with the kids, we can relay that back to him and he can continue watching without people knowing who he is or that he's associated with an anti-trafficking organization. 

Our partnership with an organization called "The Hard Places Community" has continued to grow as well, as they have been able to make use of our investigator too, and have been able to close several big cases with his help. This is very exciting for our work on the riverfront, and stopping the abuse of the children out there.

We have been looking at expanding our work into another area of town where there doesn't seem to be many other NGOs working. We want to be as effective as possible, and make sure that no areas or no children are being overlooked. We have made a few scouting/prayer visits into the area the past several weeks, and are hoping to again partner with The Hard Places Community and move a team into that area to start new kids clubs, and bring Jesus's light into yet another dark place of Phnom Penh.

For myself personally, my roommate and I began fostering her 3 year old niece in November. That has made such a difference in my daily routine, and has been very stretching in many ways. But we are so excited to have her with us, being taken care of in a safe and loving home.  

jen 2_0.JPG

[Some kids from our kids club colouring a picture.]


[Our three year old neice.]