April 2018 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

Our project is currently supporting, in whole or in large part, well over 70 young people who are attending secondary school or pursuing vocational training. This is an amazing statistic, given that preceding generations of these children's families would never have attended secondary school or, in most cases, even completed primary school.

These young people are all committed Christians and are intentionally pursuing the Lord's plan for their individual lives. Many are also quite bold in sharing their own faith with family members and friends.

Secondary education in Mozambique entails considerable financial cost and personal commitment; and our resources are strained to do what we can to ensure that these promising young people can continue their schooling. Late-January marks the beginning of the new school year in Mozambique, and we have only recently finished outfitting all our children--numbering about 145 in total, including those in primary school--with new school uniforms, book bags, and basic school supplies for the year ahead. This huge investment is only possible as our faithful IMC family and the children's sponsors continue to support this wonderful work by your prayers and financial support!

don 3_0.jpg

[Martinho Djirane is the Administrator of our Mieze and Noviane Centres. Here Martinho is distributing new book bags and school supplies to our Pemba village “Stop for the One-Canada” sponsored children.]

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[Like teenagers everywhere, our young people like to look their best on the first day of a new school year. These five girls are dressed in the uniform of the Iris Christian secondary school and are all sponsored through IMC’s “Stop for the One-Canada” sponsorship program.]