April 2018 Zimpeto Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update

Infant Milk Supplement Program:

We would like to highlight to you little El Shaddai, who just recently joined our milk supplementation program. She is one of the many babies we have the privilege to helping each week. El Shaddai's mom needed help because she was unable to produce breast milk and had no means to buy formula for her young baby; she was feeding the baby mashed up crackers and water. El Shaddai is still very young, and the essential nutrients found in milk are so important in early development.


We are very thankful for your support which enables us to help El Shaddai and other babies like her. One thing that always blesses us is to see the hope that comes back to the moms that we serve. When they understand and see that there are means to help their babies and that their babies actually thrive and not just survive, it’s a beautiful thing!

milk 1_0.jpg


Food Supplement Program:

The only difference between your family and the one pictured below is where you were born. The mother pictured here wants her children to be housed, educated and fed, and to give them a bright future.

steve 1_2.jpg

This family was discovered some months ago. We immediately put them on the community food program, where every two weeks they receive a large box of food with the essentials – rice, oil, peanuts, milk, detergent etc.. This is not all of the food they need, but it does give them a big boost.

At the same time we take the opportunity to rebuild their lives - and their houses.

steve 2_2_0.jpg

What a difference it has made to this family - housed securely and with some food each week. I am sure that is what Jesus would be doing if he was here. We are the hands and feet of Jesus extended. Yes Jesus saves and preached and evangelized - he also fed the hungry.

steve 3_1.jpg