April 2019 Children's Feeding Program in Northern Mozambique Update

We have been feeding children (and families) in northern Mozambique for more than 12 years through our IMC feeding program. Over that time, we have fed thousands of children tens of thousands of meals! And only God himself knows how many of these young and vulnerable children's lives have been saved as a result!

But we do know about two in particular for sure.

In January, 2007 I (Don) met a family of five young sisters. The youngest were 1-year-old twins; and their mother had died just after the birth of the twins. Their father had cared for his five little daughters until his death six months later. Then their grandmother had taken over the children's care...until she too died: all within one year. Now two very poor village women were trying to care for these five orphans; but the children were obviously starving, and the twins were almost lifeless when I saw them.

We began to feed the children immediately. But two weeks later, a visiting pediatrician from the UK examined the children and told me she didn't think the twins were going to make it.

But make it they did; and the children all became residents of our Mieze "Village of Love" when it opened a few months later. The oldest girl left our centre a few years ago in her mid-teens. The second oldest has just begun a 2 1/2 year nursing program and is living in our Noviane Centre. And the middle girl is now in secondary school in Mieze.

And Laura and Laurinda--the twins who couldn't have survived much past their first birthday without the intervention of our feeding program and prayerful and loving care--today are strong, healthy 13-year-olds, filled with the love of their heavenly Father and now in their final year of primary school!



[The twins: Laurinda (top) and Laura (bottom)!]