April 2019 Jason Dueck Update

God is so good! He remains the same even though the seasons change. We can always trust his leadership knowing that he wants the best for his children. Like the last update, we (Lane and myself) find ourselves in a season of transition, and we are excited for where God is leading us.

In the last months we have been encouraged to see the youth in our church grow not only in their relationship with the Lord, but also in leadership. They have taken initiative with the children’s ministry in our church, and a few of them are moving towards full-time missions. One of the youth from our church is currently attending the Harvest School in Fortaleza. We are always blessed and excited to see youth get baptized and make the decision to follow God whole-heartedly.

jas 2_1.jpg

In these last months we have also been blessed to see healing. In a village where we started to do evangelism, a lady with an atrophied hand was healed! She was unable to grip things with her left hand, and as we prayed her strength returned and she regained the use of her hand.

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As I mentioned, this is a season of change. We had been sensing for a few months that the Lord was bringing us to a time of transition. After a time of fasting and prayer as a team we felt that God was calling us out of the interior region where we currently are, and back to Fortaleza. God confirmed this word for us because he had already spoken to members of our church. It was hard to say goodbye to our church, and many tears were shed, but we sense that our absence will actually allow even more growth in the church. We are very thankful that God has provided a pastoral couple to continue leading the church.

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[Our 'going away' party at church.]

My wife and I are currently staffing the Harvest school in Fortaleza, and it has been such an incredible time. My focus during the school is teaching and providing pastoral care for the staff. It is so encouraging to see God raising up both the young and the old (the age of our students ranges from 18 to 65), and sending them out to the nations. God is good!