April 2020 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Home Projects Update

Our project is supporting 140 children in northern Mozambique in whole or in part. All these children are in school...and all know the Lord!

Of this number, 67 are currently in secondary school; 11 are in vocational programs as diverse as architecture and medical technology; seven are in university degree programs; and 55 are in primary school.

Sponsorship support is a key part of the complex funding of all these different students and programs. We are very grateful for the faithfulness of our IMC "Stop for the One-Canada" sponsors.

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[Our Mozambican Administrator, Martinho Djirane, and Noviane resident Gracinda Cássimo. Gracinda has lived in our centres since 3 years of age. She is now in Grade 9 at the Iris Christian secondary school on the Pemba Base.]