Brenda Dueck

Iris Centre, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Brenda's Bio:

March, 2017

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As a young child, I dreamed of taking care of orphans. Years went by and I couldn’t let go of this dream. Since I got saved, God has taken me on a beautiful journey deeper into His heart. I talked with Him a lot about going overseas as a missionary for the rest of my life, but first He had me be a missionary in my home town in rural Manitoba. I worked in our elementary school for four years and had many opportunities to pour into the students’ lives, as Jesus poured into mine.

Finally, about a year ago, I got the go-ahead from Jesus. I attended the Iris Harvest School last summer and experienced His love like never before. My favourite times in Mozambique were spending days in the village. I loved sitting in the dirt with the mamas and playing with the kids. They taught me about their language and culture. My childhood dream was coming true.

While in Africa, God gave me a vision of Cambodia and an urgency to go. I want to see the end of child sex slavery. I want to show the children how much Jesus loves them. So here I am, just a few weeks away from making the move. Although I don’t know exactly what this will look like, I am very excited about this journey with Jesus.

Just saying ‘Yes’ to Him every day.