December 16, 2014 - Severe Storm Hits Zimpeto Base in Southern Mozambique

On Monday evening, December 15th, there was a ferocious storm in Zimpeto. It washed out most of the roads on the base and in the community. The front wall of the base is close to collapsing, and there has been extreme and extensive electrical damage to the base and community. Many houses are in need of repair.

The lightning hit the internet antenna outside one of the base homes, traveled to one of the offices, and set fire to the office. All computers, phones, chairs, furniture were burned......everything. We praise God it did not extend any further. Everything in the computer control room including the main laptop, routers, access points, cabling etc. were destroyed. We have lost at least 6 computers, all internet on the base, everything in the reintegration office, all printers in that area, and countless other things.

Yes - we have all the safety devices, UPS’s etc... It was one huge bolt of lightning! Our new prayer room is flooded on both floors. There is devastation in the community and countless people are coming to us asking for help to repair their homes. 

Please pray with us for the many who are affected. If you would like to make a donation, there is an account set up on the CanadaHelps online page -  "Zimpeto, Mozambique - Electrical Storm Repair Fund".

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