Evan & Natasha Richmond

Zimpeto Centre, Maputo, Mozambique


Evan & Natasha's Bio:

479_0.jpgEvan and Natasha are a young missionary couple from Ottawa who are following by faith a passion and a dream to the heart of Africa.

Long before meeting each other, God stirred a desire and yearning for ministry and the mission field in their hearts. While dating and engaged, they set their heart and mind on Africa and they waited for God’s perfect timing for departure. When they got married in June 2013, Natasha walked down the aisle sporting a pair of sandals from Mozambique knowing that this marriage would enable them to further fulfill God’s calling on their life in area of missions.

In preparation for the mission’s field and while serving God in North America, they both completed their undergraduate degrees and Bachelors of Education. Evan and Natasha have the pleasure of working as elementary school teachers teaching instrumental music and Grade 4 respectively. Evan and Natasha love art, music, playing with children and getting their hands dirty.

In recent years, Evan and Natasha have been involved in leading and directing various youth and children’s programs in the Ottawa area. They have also been a part of ministry at Laurentian Camp Cherith for over a decade.

Ever since Natasha volunteered short term with Iris Ministries in June 2012, not a day goes by without her thinking and longing for the incredible children of Zimpeto. They could not be more excited about joining the Iris Ministry Team and all of the adventures God has in store for them.

Email Natasha (natashachristina316@gmail.com) or view the Richmond’s blog at evanandnatasha.blogspot.ca for regular updates.

Note: Evan & Natasha will be moving to Zimepto, Mozambique in August 2014.