Gloria Mulder - Zimpeto, Mozambique

Zimpeto Centre, Maputo, Mozambique


Gloria's Bio:

20150601_114349_0.jpgI am a girl walking with Jesus who has a desire to use my skills as a nurse to see moms and babies thrive and live healthy lives.

I volunteered this past year (February 2015 - January 2016) at Zimpeto's Children Centre in Maputo, Mozambique and while there saw the effects of poverty and malnutrition as well as the joyful results of tender loving care and nutritious food in a child's life. I will be returning to Zimpeto Children Centre in early October 2016 to provide health care to the children of the centre as well as begin a nutrition program aimed at teaching moms of malnourished babies what healthy nutrition is and working with them to provide a solution to lack of nutritious food in a way that respects their culture.

Malnutrition is one of the health issues there that I want to see changed. It places babies and children at an increased risk of illness, severely challenges their physical and mental development, and puts them at a disadvantage academically which in the long run sets them up for a life of poverty.

My hope is that by working with moms and training them on how to provide nutritious food for them and their children that we can reverse the cycle of poverty together.