June 2016 Jen Jewett Update

Almost everything has changed since my last update! Everything except the kids we work with. In December we had to close the doors of our centre and let go of several of our Khmer staff due to lack of funding. So now we are working several times a week in the slums and on the streets where our children live. We were sad to lose a place where the children could come to get out of their regular environment and have some stability several times a week, but working with the kids on their turf, and being around their families and neighbours brings a whole different perspective for us and some new advantages too. Since January my team and the kids have been adjusting to this new routine, and seeing God move in new ways.

Jewett 1_0.JPG

[Some of our kids doing an art project at our Kids Club on the streets.]

I personally am very excited about being on the streets with the people I came to Cambodia to serve. The slums and the streets have always been where my heart was so I am excited for all the new opportunities that will come from this. With that said, the relational side of this transition has been hard. It was heartbreaking to have to let go of some of our dear staff; members of our family, and to watch each individual staff member struggle with this transition. But God is good and everyone that has stayed (and those who left) have been taken care of and provided for in their own individual ways, and now we are starting to gain momentum again and are excited for what God has for us in this next season.

Jewett 2_0.JPG

[One of our team teaching the kids about nutrition.]

The Base here has also received official NGO status several months ago, so there is now the complete permission and acceptance from the government to move forward with our work here. This is a complete miracle and we are thrilled with the new permission granted, and doors that are open to us now.