June 2016 Sue Silva Update

In August, 2015 I noticed some new signs posted. They were erected to encourage the people to take action against Ebola. Sierra Leone was declared an Ebola free nation in November 2015! Praise God!


[Ebola sign in Lumley, Sierra Leone.]

In September we were devastated with the 1st ever flash flood disaster. It hit my area hard, where hundreds of people were washed out to sea, and many more homes, possessions and livestock were completely washed away. There were pockets throughout the country that were also devastated. Iris Sierra Leone was able to help one of the hardest hit areas by giving food, clothing, medicines and shoes to the flood victims. Our other church branches were also able to bless their members with food and shoes.


[Pastor Admire and Pastor Moses going into the slum area where the devastation was great was high due to the flash floods; they gave out tickets to come to the church and receive some things to assist them.]

In the village of Mayeni, the youth would often damage or steal Iris equipment and supplies. To help build relationships, they were called to the church and given runners. They were also asked to keep an ‘eye’on Iris and its equipment.


[Some of the youth in Mayeni Village, sporting their new shoes.]

God has given Pastor Andrew authority in the area of Mayeni village and all of the surrounding villages. We have made some trips there and have started evangelizing and bringing the people to the Iris church in Mayeni village. Two of the villages had never heard the gospel before, and all gladly received it and are now coming to church!


[Pastor Andrew, encouraging those who are suffering, before giving them food bundles, medicine and shoes.]

Our goal is to seek out the leaders that God highlights to us and to train them up. We will then build them a church in their village and send them back there to continue the work.

The 3rd village we went to was totally dark and unreceptive to us and the Lord. At the end of our meeting (with very few in attendance) we prayed for the sick. One of the ladies we prayed for contacted us the next day saying she was totally healed and able to go work in her garden, after months of not being able to! She testified to her neighbours . God’s light is beginning to penetrate that dark village. Hallelujah!!


Elizabeth was totally healed of her sickness and ever so grateful to God!]

We will be relocating to the village of Mayeni in anticipation of the ministry expanding. Houses are currently being being built for us. Because we are in the rainy season, the buildings are on hold and will be finished after the rains. We anticipate the move to the village before Christmas 2016.


[One of the houses that are being built for our team.]

I continue to minister in Sussex and Mile 13, praying for people, evangelizing, encouraging people and preaching once a month. I have also been teaching the leadership classes to the leaders of the branches. This has been a real blessing to my heart, to watch how some have been so receptive and open to the moving of the Holy Spirit in their lives. I love to watch the Holy Spirit bless and anoint His children!

At the end of July I will return to Canada for some rest and refreshment. I hope to be able to share in some new churches while I am 'home' of how wonderful God is and how He is advancing His kingdom in Sierra Leone.

Blessings to you all.