June 2016 Zimpeto Child Reintegration Program Update

There has been a close collaboration between the Iris Zimpeto Base, the IMC team in Canada and the Canadian Embassy. Through an extraordinary occurrence of events, a diplomat returning to Canada donated his almost new vehicle to the reintegration team at Zimpeto.


Every day this vehicle heads out to check on children wanting and needing to come in, and likewise, connecting children (who live on the base) with their families.

We all want to hear stories of miracles, children raised to life, reconnected with families, nourished and cared for; and we do hear these reports!  But along with this goes the practical needs of food, cars, workers, salaries, etc.;  things that people rarely choose to contribute to.

God bless David Emery and his wife (who were with the Canadian Embassy in Maputo) for donating this magnificent vehicle so we could come alongside so many children and families in need.