June 2016 Zimpeto Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update


Meet Marcos. He and his two brothers began receiving regularly from our infant milk assistance program at Iris Zimpeto when their mother was unable to provide for them. They were underweight and needed our help. Now, just turning one, we had the joy of graduating them from the program. They are at a healthy weight and doing great!

Sadly, when Antonio was about seven months old he suffered a horrible burn. Thankfully, it was on the day that he was supposed to come to milk program, so the mom brought him to us not knowing what to do or how to help him. We began to do burn dressings three times a week and when it did not seem to be healing we took him to a doctor’s appointment where they said that he would need a skin graft. We began to pray because we knew that this family would be unable to provide him with the necessary medical care. Soon after that appointment we noticed at each dressing change that the skin was closing and healing remarkably quickly and that God had heard our prayers. Antonio had a complete recovery and has full use of his leg! Such a good good Father!!


[Marcos' severely burned leg at 7 months.]

2015-10-08 14.30.16_0_0.jpeg

[Marcos and his two brothers at 1 year of age....healed and healthy!]



We continue to serve a variety of people in the Maputo community with our food box program.

One of the ladies who receives help from us is quite sick, so she also receives powdered milk in her box (her doctor recommended she include this in her diet). She recently had a baby boy whom she proudly brought for me to see, and I took a photo. The following week I put the photo with some baby clothes in her box of food. She was delighted at these unexpected extras and expressed her thanks for the help she receives.

June 2016 Update.jpg