Krista Noack

Iris Centre, Sydney, Australia

Krista's Bio:

K Noack.jpgKrista Marie – Anointed by God to be His Living Aroma – Since she was in her mother’s womb, this has been the prophetic word over her life!

In the short 28 years that she has been alive, Krista has walked through many different seasons that have challenged her, discouraged her, brought disappointment, YET over time drew her to a deeper understanding and revelation of the Father’s heart and love for her. In 2008 she lost her high school sweet heart to a drunk driver. Although tragic, this launched her onto a path that she probably wouldn’t have thought to travel. With a desire to see change in heart with drinking and driving, Krista spent her time speaking in high schools sharing her story of loss and breakthrough and encouraging students to make wise decisions. Her story is still shared today across Canada.

Working with Mothers’ Against Drunk Driving gave Krista the confidence and platform to work alongside youth. She then turned her platform to partnering with World Vision Canada in their youth program, speaking, engaging, and mobilizing youth in Ontario to fight poverty and take a stand for life in all its fullness.

She has travelled to Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Haiti twice. As you can imagine, this opened her eyes and stretched her heart for the nations.

In 2014 Krista ventured to California to participate in an Iris Leaders School for 9 months. While she was there, Krista met Danielle & Aaron – Aussies! Their heart was to start an Iris base and church (called Everyday Church) in Sydney, Australia. As their friendship grew, Krista knew that she wanted to journey alongside them and champion their vision: Find your people, find your purpose!

Krista is currently preparing to take flight to Sydney, Australia in the next few months to join Danielle, Aaron & other Iris family to help establish an Iris base and church.

As Iris and an Everyday movement: Love is our motivation, revival is our passion, and transformation is our goal so God can be fully glorified.

Our PURPOSE: FAMILY: to model kingdom family & reproduce it throughout the earth

Our MISSION: TRANSFORMATION: it is personal, regional, & global transformation through God’s manifest Presence.

Our VISION: A MOVEMENT: multisite church, kingdom resource center & global missions base – one house with 3 doors.

Our VALUES: LOVE: a love that is expressed upward, inward, and outward.

Our GOAL: DISCIPLES – to reproduce lovers of Jesus who are Biblical, supernatural, relational & missional.


Krista is called to be a mover and shaker in the Kingdom.
She is an encourager.
She carries breakthrough.
She has a strong desire to see broken hearts restored to the Father’s heart.
She has a heart to cultivate and nurture a safe place for those to walking through healing into wholeness.

For more information, you can email Krista ( and view her blog at Thank you for your love, support and prayers!