March 2015 Jen Jewett Update

My update this time is completely opposite to my last update 6 months ago. In my last update I was feeling stretched, waiting for things to begin here. In the past 6 months we have opened our drop in centre in Sihanoukville, and our day centre in Phnom Penh has officially been handed over to us from its previous organization, with the government in full support and working with us on the process to get full International NGO status. We went from a season of waiting, directly to running full speed, with centres open on both bases. What an answer to prayer!!

That doesn't mean all of this has been smooth, and without complications - in Phnom Penh we are having to reconstruct a previous ministry, instead of starting from the beginning. This has its benefits, but it also means a lot of gradual changes instead of just starting with things how we'd like from the very beginning. It has been a joy working with the beautiful kids there every day.

jen 2_0.jpg

[Our Christmas party at the center in Phnom Penh.]

I've also taken on a majority of the media work for Iris Cambodia. I love having a few days free to be creative, and use another skill that I really enjoy.

This has been a season of drastic change, but I'm loving it so far! It's so exciting to see how things are finally coming together, and we're really digging in and doing "the work." We're busy, and tired, but it's so worth every bit of energy.

jen 1_0.JPG

[Some of our kids on an outing to the playground.]