March 2015 Northern Mozambique Orphan-Village Projects Update

We don’t like to focus on problems and needs in these reports. We much prefer to celebrate God’s provision and victories. However, we can’t deny reality either; and we need to be able to share with those who care, pray, and support our ministries and projects.

The past year has seen the loonie lose 20% of its value against the US dollar.  Since all our funds for projects in Mozambique must be transferred first to USD and then to Mozambican currency, support originating in Canadian funds is now significantly diminished before it reaches us.

Moreover, local factors are simultaneously causing food and other basic prices to rise in Pemba. In fact, a recent report showed that in spite of significant new revenues generated by resource developments in Mozambique, the village poor (who constitute 80% of the population) are no better off today than they were 10 years ago.

That said, God continues to meet the basic needs of the children resident in our Mieze and Noviane Centres. Their food, clothing, and school supplies are our top priority…along with salaries of our 25-plus Mozambican staff. We currently have 43 resident boys and 36 resident girls in the two Centres. And most important for their future: 76 are in school including 16 in Iris’ Christian secondary school, and three are currently pursuing vocational programs.

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Thank you for standing with us by your continued faithful prayers and support.