March 2015 Zimpeto Bible School Update

In mid 2014, our beloved Director of the Bible Schoo,l Eduardo Utui, passed away very suddenly. It was a great shock to his family, his church, the Iris community and of course the bible school.

As a community we are continuing to support his family and have included his eldest son in the University program support.

Matthew 28:20 encourages us to go into the world and spread the good news. The training of bible school students is the best way to spread this word throughout Mozambique. Over the past 20 years, hundreds are now spreading the gospel in many communities across Mozambique.

In February 2015 a new Director was appointed. He was Eduardo’s right hand man, a wonderful Christian man, with a heart to teach. Dario Bie is the new director. He was our senior translator on the base, and continues to do this along with his new role overseeing the Zimpeto Bible School. Dario is married to Rita and they have two sons.