March 2015 Zimpeto Widows' Home Update

Vovo Rosalina is keeping well. Though she has Virginia taking care of her during the week, she is very independent and still likes to do her own cleaning and washing (though Virginia then goes in and cleans again afterwards to do it properly!) Vovo Rosalina has a mango tree, and often invites the children from the Zimpeto Centre to come and pick the fruit; she she loves to have them visit.


[Two of the boys visiting Vovo Rosalina.]

 Vovo Salimina has some new housemates who are a great blessing to her. Our bible school has male and female students, but we can only accommodate the male students on the base, so the female students usually find accommodation nearby. This year we asked if it was possible for 2 of the students to stay with Vovo Salimina. Although she has a daily helper and gets several visitors, she loves company, and so was very happy to take the girls in. The girls are at the Iris base during the day studying, but evenings and weekends are able to spend time with Vovo Salmina. She especially loves that they sing and pray with her!


[Vovo Salimina with bible school students and her helper, Dulcilia].