Sue Silva

October 2017 Sue Silva Update

Hi Everyone,

"Lord, You are my secret hiding place, protecting me from these troubles, surrounding me with songs of gladness! Your joyous shouts of rescue release my breakthrough." Ps. 32:7

The kids' clubs I have been running (see April 2017 update) slowed in June, as preparation of family gardens took priority, anticipating the soon coming rainy season. It was also the fishing season, so another reason the children could not come. Once the rains begin, everything just stops. People don't go anywhere, no matter how close or far.

October 2016 Sue Silva Update

“Trust me” says the Lord.  “But Lord, how can I?  Don't you know my uncertainties…the darkness that is present everywhere I go…the many seemingly insurmountable mountains?”

There have been some very difficult and uncertain times over the last six months. I was extremely sick for 6 weeks with malaria. The enemy really played havoc with my mind during that time.  I also felt unsettled, thinking we would have moved to the village by now (which is my heart cry).
It was hard to start programs up, not knowing if I would be there a month later.

March 2015 Sue Silva Update

Coming back to Canada from Sierra Leone in Sept. 2014, I put myself in voluntary quarantine for 3 weeks, because of Ebola. This helped to put people at ease that they would not become sick. I received that time as a good period of rest and refreshment, although it was a little lonely. When it finished, I hit the ground running, speaking to many churches, groups and individuals, many of which were new. I am always excited to speak to new groups and churches, that have no idea who 'Iris' is and what I do. It brings much joy to my heart!

September 2014 Sue Silva Update

Greetings to all, far and near,

I am so very grateful for all that God is accomplishing here in Sierra Leone! What grace He has afforded me to be in this great nation at such a time as this. My role has changed somewhat, but I am blessed and full of joy at what God is doing in me and through me! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be part of a church planting team, but that is exactly what God is having me do. It excites my heart and ignites my spirit!

April 2014 Sue Silva Update

I hardly know where to start! God is on the move in big ways in Sierra Leone!!

As you know, God called me out of Malawi last August and said my time as it was, was finished. I moved to Freetown, Sierra Leone in October 2013, where I reside on the Iris base with Pastors Andrew and Angela Sesay and their 4 children. I have to admit, I mourned Malawi for 2 months and still miss them lots. God willing, I will be back for a visit. Once God brought healing to my heart, I started to fall in love with this nation and saw opportunities and doors opening for ministry.

October 2013 Sue Silva Update

I have been so blessed this past year!! It has been an exciting day by day walk with the Lord. You never know what surprises He has in store, but they are always fun!

We have increased our police visits from twice a month to every week. It has been such a blast and very exciting. We can see the Holy Spirit gently touching different ones as they start to cry or cover their faces. Our God is so impartial and good, ALL the time!! A great result is that we have built strong relationships with the police in Bangula.