IMC Missionary Updates

October 2021 Sarah Mkandawire (Masson) Update

As shared in my previous updates, you know that due to circumstances in the world, I took a temporary leave from Iris Ministries Canada from March 2021 to August 2021. I have now returned to Iris Malawi to serve our friends here in ministry. I have been back in Malawi since the beginning of September 2021 with all three members of our new family, Chenela, myself, and our son, Buve. We are slowly getting our 16-month-old baby used to the weather, however, he is taking a lot longer with people as he was born in May 2020, during the early Covid lockdowns.

October 2021 Tony & Laurie-Ann Copple Update

We Copples continue to nurture and encourage children and teens from two townships as much as we can. Covid-19 changed the character of how we minister, where close contact is limited in groups. We ‘stop for the one’ with the homeless who live under our apartment balcony, and continue mentoring our teen leaders.  

We lead a small group with C in the OVD township, although we plan to move that group into a nearby library when the lockdown level is raised to level two. We will be back with worship music and colouring sheets for the attending kids.

April 2021 Sarah Mkandawire (Masson) Update

Life has been busy for our little family these past 6 months. Chenela finally made it out of Malawi’s locked down borders (when they opened in October) to meet his son for the first time. We were reunited in Canada and we have had a great and challenging time settling into parenthood together (as I’m sure all the parents can attest to). It is so much better than flying solo, as I did for 5 months.

April 2020 Anonymous Missionary - Asia Update

Before I began overseas missions, I didn’t fully comprehend what it meant to be completely dependent on God and his miracle-working power every single day. In the face of continual difficulties, I have realized afresh how much Jesus means to me. My life is in Him alone; He is my everything. When I am weak, He is strong in me. When I run out, He is my supply. Without Jesus, I can do nothing here. He holds my hands, strengthens my feet, and step by step I move ahead.

April 2021 Tony & Laurie-Ann Copple Update

We Copples continue to nurture and encourage children and teens from two townships as much as we can. Covid-19 changed the face of our ministry, where face-to-face contact in the hospice and prison weren’t allowed. Our work with school children with Legacy Relay wound down for this period, but we’ve been invited to join again in April, depending on a possible third Covid-19 wave. However, there are always opportunities to stop for the one.  


September 2020 Sarah Masson Update

This is an update like none other that I have done before. Since my last update in March 2020, all of my responsibilities at Iris Malawi have mostly come to a grinding halt. Yes, you guessed it right, COVID-19 is the reason for this particular season! As you know, visitor hospitality(international travel) and education are two of the major sectors hit worldwide, so it is no surprise that the people we serve in Malawi have been affected. Our young people are extremely worried about their education as they were unable to finish their last semesters work at school.

September 2020 David & Joanna Morrison Update

Just like parents all over the world who were suddenly faced with the challenge of homeschooling, we are no different except for the size of our family. On March 23rd, we suddenly found ourselves responsible for the continued education of 89 children and young adults. Since all schools were closed on that day, 30 secondary students and 9 college/university students made their way home to join our 50 primary school kids who live on the base fulltime.