IMC Missionary Updates

April 2019 Brenda Dueck Update

Two years ago, I got on the plane to fly to Cambodia for the first time. I was excited and nervous about this new adventure, not knowing what it would be like. I had no idea how much I would learn to love the Khmer people, especially the little ones who I get to spend time with a few days each week. Here I am just two years later, testifying of God’s faithfulness and grace.

I enjoyed celebrating Christmas with the precious families in the Railway Community. It was a wonderful opportunity to share the Good News, pray for healing, and hand out gifts. 

April 2019 Don Kantel Update

There have been many recent changes in Mozambique which have impacted Iris in several significant ways. I (Don) recall a conversation I had several years ago with the man responsible for regulating Mozambique's 320 NGOs. He said it was his expectation that all NGOs would be redundant in five years' time as the country was becoming increasingly able to stand on its own feet economically.

October 2018 David & Joanna Morrison Update

September is the month when temperatures climb considerably, and the trees are dropping their leaves.  Papaya trees are loaded with fruit, and winter maize stalks are standing tall and drying. There is a smoky quality to the air, as fields of sugar cane are being burned in preparation for harvest.  Just a couple weeks ago our sports camp was in full swing here at Iris and shouts and cheers could be heard above the whir of the sewing machines, as tailors sewed school uniforms for Iris Primary School.