IMC Missionary Updates

October 2019 Sarah Masson Update

I have now been serving at the Iris Malawi base for 9 years. I went to Malawi (my second time), landing in September of 2010, intending to stay only 3 months. However, in those three months God gave me a dream about my newly born nephew suddenly being 5 years old, and one of our Malawian house parents telling me that I’d be there for 5 years. At that time I thought to myself ‘that’s crazy and highly unlikely’ : -). God had different plans, but had to reveal them to me little by little. If he had revealed the plan all at once, I may have passed out or been too overwhelmed to function!

October 2019 Tony & Laurie-Ann Copple Update

We Copple’s continue to nurture and teach children from two townships at Master Peace Academy, as well as working with three after school kids clubs. In April, we were invited to join an initiative started by our pharmacist and her husband, who had a dream to involve the seniors from our Hooggelegen retirement village. They wanted to invite the seniors into pharmacy weekly, so they could pass on/share their many skills with the community. Some would offer help with remedial reading, others share travel experiences, and others tell stories.

October 2019 Anonymous Missionary - Asia Update

Again, because of the very sensitive nature of what our missionary in Asia is doing, we must limit what we share publically. We are delighted to say that the name and works of the Lord are being spread and the kingdom is being advanced in Asia!

Our missionary writes:

People are desperate for more, and when they come to us so very many accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour right away.