IMC Missionary Updates

June 2016 Bob & Betty Blanchette Update

We are in the process of getting ready to return to Mozambique. We have everything in order and will soon be sending away for our visas. It seems that every year we come back home not knowing if we will return to Mozambique, but when spring comes along we start planning our return. We are leaving from Detroit on August 15 and will return on December 15.
We will be working in Zimpeto this year and I (Bob) am looking forward to training boys again. Betty is also looking forward to working with the girls in the sewing room.
Last year the carpentry shop made windows and a door for a young couple and we built a sewing table for the sewing room teacher for her use in her home. We also did many large projects, and have a few picutres below.

bb 1_0.JPG

[Betty and Myself with Lourdes the sewing room teacher.]

bb 2_0.JPG

[The young couple with the windows and door.}



[Some of our sewing room girls.]


April 2008 Don & Elizabeth Kantel Update

The “Mieze Model” we were developing throughout 2007 is now running wonderfully. Built around a vibrant Iris village church, this prototype includes aood program for orphans and vulnerable village children, on-going medical care for villagers, creation of a children’s playground and soccer field, provision of potable water, a program to get more village children into school, building an orphan-village (“Village of Love”), and development of chicken, goat and vegetable farming projects to help support the orphan village.

October 2007 David & Joanna Morrison Update

The Morrison's are into Year 5 in the Lower Shire Valley. After a trip to Canada this past summer, they are settling back into home schooling, welcoming new children, and a myriad of other things. "Patrick's favourite pastimes includes killing rats, playing soccer and doing pull-ups in the backyard. Daniel can often be found surrounded in lego, or up a tree. Kalina is in high demand as a playmate, especially if she agrees to bring out her dolls! All three of our children are becoming more adept in Chichewa."

March 2007 David & Joanna Morrison Update

Almost four years after arrival in Bangula, the Morrisons have become somewhat accustomed to the ups and downs, the seemingly continual challenges faced by a people largely forgotten by the world. Even the north of Malawi forgets the south, where harvests have been poor to nil for the past four years. The crops have to survive intermittent and very heavy rains, very large and ravenous bugs, and birds, and finally drought. The people continue to survive. "We are overwhelmed daily by the needs of thousands - the hungry, naked, sick, homeless, and orphaned.

October 2006 David & Joanna Morrison Update

"Bangula, located on the very southern tip of Malawi, has been very hard hit by famine for many years in a row, and so it is a good place to be, to love the poor. It has been three years since we moved here. Our centre is now home to two dormitories which can house up to 50 pastors, two classrooms where the pastors train, two (soon to be four) children’s homes which each house 12 children plus house parents, and two missionary homes. We are amazed at what the Lord has provided these past three years. He is so faithful.

March 2006 David & Joanna Morrison Update

“What is it like to live in Bangula? It is hot, and mostly dry, though we have had rain this year. It is big enough for a corner store and a market, but not big enough for a grocery store. As you walk through ‘downtown’ you are likely to meet cows, goats, chickens, and many children wanting something to eat. At our house you will find our children doing school work in the mornings, and our Malawian children coming to play with Duplo and do puzzles on the back porch in the afternoons. You might meet pastors popping in for various reasons, or someone coming by for a visit.

September 2005 David & Joanna Morrison Update

“This past summer we returned to Canada for a visit. It was wonderful and the time flew by quickly! We are now settling into life in Africa once again. Friendships with the children from neighbouring villages are growing stronger. Communicating in Chichewa is becoming more familiar, and the heat and the dust are a little less strange. Home schooling is still a lot of work, but at least the routine is familiar. Joanna now has friends among the women, and continues to write songs to help them learn Scripture.

February 2005 David & Joanna Morrison Update

“We are delighted to have moved into our own home this past month, located on the Bible school property. We are now able to easily 'slip' out and teach at the Bible school, and be close to the pastors. Our new house is wonderful as it is situated to catch the breezes, and we are feeling spoiled to now have a fridge, a freezer and an oven! The children love that I can once again bake bread and can vary the daily menu even a little bit!