IMC Missionary Updates

Krista Noack

Iris Centre, Sydney, Australia

Krista's Bio:

K Noack.jpgKrista Marie – Anointed by God to be His Living Aroma – Since she was in her mother’s womb, this has been the prophetic word over her life!

October 2016 Sarah Masson Update

Most people ask, “How’s it going there Sarah?” I find this question to be a bit overwhelming! I have several things flash through my mind but not many that I feel I can share due to their graphic nature.  Many stories and visuals that leave us a bit squeamish at the details provided.  I find myself wondering do people really want to know the truth of 'the third world' or is it better left unsaid and only reported on when there's mass casualties.  How do we truly love 'the one' in front of us and try to help on a larger scale to change and move deep seeded poverty?

October 2016 Jen Jewett Update

Since my last update much effort has been made to bring routine back to our kids and families in the slum. They know to expect us every Tuesday and Thursday. That we'll pull up in our big blue tuk tuk loaded with toys and games and snacks, and families come to us with their questions and concerns. It feels just like home there now, and we are so happy to be there every week.


October 2016 Sue Silva Update

“Trust me” says the Lord.  “But Lord, how can I?  Don't you know my uncertainties…the darkness that is present everywhere I go…the many seemingly insurmountable mountains?”

There have been some very difficult and uncertain times over the last six months. I was extremely sick for 6 weeks with malaria. The enemy really played havoc with my mind during that time.  I also felt unsettled, thinking we would have moved to the village by now (which is my heart cry).
It was hard to start programs up, not knowing if I would be there a month later.

October 2016 David & Joanna Morrison Family Update

The Morrison family continues to serve with Iris Malawi. The three who remain in Malawi are kept busy with 88 children. 33 of these are now attending 10 different secondary schools throughout the country. Five were selected to national schools which shows the excellent work that is happening at our Primary School on the base. All of our St .8 students passed and were selected to various schools.  


October 2016 Bob & Betty Blanchette Update

It has been so good to return to Zimpeto after a season in Canada. It has been great to see all of our friends and the children, and the young  men and women that we work with.

Bob has been busy with the carpentry training program, building some doors and windows, a desk and a bench.They also  tore out the old play ground equipment on base. The children were not too happy! What they didn’t know was that a company was coming in to put up some new equipment shortly thereafter.


June 2016 David & Joanna Morrison Family Update

Two out of 5 Morrisons have now taken up residence in Canada. This is so hard after 13 years of togetherness. Patrick and Daniel lived together this year in Burlington, and went opposite directions to school.  Patrick continued to study engineering at McMaster University and Daniel successfully completed his final year of high school at Kings' Christian Collegiate. We are so grateful for friends and family who welcome and feed and love on our boys when we are far away. Both boys will be at university this coming year, studying Mechanical Engineering.