IMC Missionary Updates

September 2015 Sarah Masson Update

There was a horrible disaster in Malawi this year. A flood wiped out several villages, entire buildings, houses; metal bridges were literally washed away. Babies drowned on the backs of mother’s who were trying to save them.  There was nothing left for thousands of people in Malawi. A desperate situation for many became a nightmare. Little children couldn’t find their parents. People were trapped on ant hills and grasping to tiny trees praying that they could hold on tight. Gardens all throughout the country were stripped of years of toiling the land.

September 2015 Evan & Natasha Richmond Update

ONE YEAR IN AFRICA: Measured in Love

Evan and Natasha live and serve at the Zimpeto Children's Centre in Maputo, Mozambique, which provides a loving home and shelter for orphaned and abused children in desperate need of crisis intervention and emergency care. They are dorm parents over the "Quintal" (girls dorm).

Just over a year ago, we left our country and hometown on a journey that would do nothing short of change our lives forever.

September 2015 David & Joanna Morrison Family Update

The Morrisons have had a very exciting season. The Tour Divide 2015 was an epic adventure for David, Patrick, and Daniel. Training began two years ago, and escalated as the day of the race approached. David and Daniel were often up at 4:30 a.m. to get a ride in before a normal day of work in the office and school. Patrick’s training was mostly limited to the Wrestling Team at McMaster University, although, as soon as the snow was off the ground in Canada, he was out on his bike, stretching those leg muscles.  

April 2015 Sarah Masson Update

In Malawi there is a road system that is too well known. It requires you to slow down to a speed that feels like crawling, and if you been in Malawi for some time you will know that this is a sign of respect for a funeral. The grieving family will place tree branches on the road as a sign to slow down. I’m telling you this because nearly every time I’ve driven outside the base since the floods in January, I’ve needed to slow down because someone has died here around Nsanje District.

March 2015 Sue Silva Update

Coming back to Canada from Sierra Leone in Sept. 2014, I put myself in voluntary quarantine for 3 weeks, because of Ebola. This helped to put people at ease that they would not become sick. I received that time as a good period of rest and refreshment, although it was a little lonely. When it finished, I hit the ground running, speaking to many churches, groups and individuals, many of which were new. I am always excited to speak to new groups and churches, that have no idea who 'Iris' is and what I do. It brings much joy to my heart!