IMC Missionary Updates

March 2015 Jen Jewett Update

My update this time is completely opposite to my last update 6 months ago. In my last update I was feeling stretched, waiting for things to begin here. In the past 6 months we have opened our drop in centre in Sihanoukville, and our day centre in Phnom Penh has officially been handed over to us from its previous organization, with the government in full support and working with us on the process to get full International NGO status. We went from a season of waiting, directly to running full speed, with centres open on both bases. What an answer to prayer!!

March 2015 Don & Elizabeth Kantel Update

Adversity comes in many forms: natural, human, and spiritual. In the Western world, with its history of Christian influence in social and personal values, there is a degree of what’s sometimes called “common grace” that seems to protect societies and nations from wide-scale extremes of adversity. But Mozambique has no such history of Christian influence in culture and society. And that is profoundly evident as missionaries seek to establish a beachhead for the gospel for the first time in the nation’s history. Recurring natural calamities set back many attempts to move the country forward.

October 2014 Jason Dueck Update

I want to take this opportunity to bring you all up to date about the rest of my time in Nepal, what I am currently doing, and my plans for the near future. My last update was in May, and in that update I shared about what God was doing in a remote region called Humla. I was in Nepal until the end of July and there are a few more stories that I would now like to share.

October 2014 Bob & Betty Blanchette Update

We are happy to be back in Zimpeto and all is going well!

We have the carpentry shop at Marracuene up and running, have made four windows, and will be delivering them tomorrow morning.

Emilio and Bob are working with three boys, Antonio, Betinho, and Santo. They are there to learn how to make windows and doors. Emilio and Bob were out there last week getting things ready and the boys started on Monday of this week. They are very eager to learn. It is our goal to be able to make windows and doors for the community, which will also help to cut down expenses in the workshop.

September 2014 Linda Currie Update

Hello everyone,

As I am sitting here thinking over the few months since I last shared with you, I am contemplating the rhythm to this life as it ebbs and flows from one situation to another, always to bring us to the place where we know the blessing of the Father who loves and cares for us.

The floods are in the past now and the people have moved on. Homes have been repaired or rebuilt. Neighbours and friends are helping each other and new relationships are being formed. New babies are being born and life continues.

September 2014 Don & Elizabeth Kantel Update

Missionary service in a setting like northern Mozambique is usually a case of two steps forward, one step backward. And that’s on the good days! We have to keep reminding ourselves that the church is in its infancy here. There is no Christian history in this region and there are no Christian values embedded in the local tribal culture. So we shouldn’t realistically expect people who encounter Jesus for the first time to advance quickly on an unbroken path toward Christian maturity. Yes, the gospel has been widely and enthusiastically embraced.

September 2014 Sue Silva Update

Greetings to all, far and near,

I am so very grateful for all that God is accomplishing here in Sierra Leone! What grace He has afforded me to be in this great nation at such a time as this. My role has changed somewhat, but I am blessed and full of joy at what God is doing in me and through me! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be part of a church planting team, but that is exactly what God is having me do. It excites my heart and ignites my spirit!