IMC Missionary Updates

September 2014 Don & Elizabeth Kantel Update

Missionary service in a setting like northern Mozambique is usually a case of two steps forward, one step backward. And that’s on the good days! We have to keep reminding ourselves that the church is in its infancy here. There is no Christian history in this region and there are no Christian values embedded in the local tribal culture. So we shouldn’t realistically expect people who encounter Jesus for the first time to advance quickly on an unbroken path toward Christian maturity. Yes, the gospel has been widely and enthusiastically embraced.

September 2014 Jen Jewett Update

As I sit to write this update, it's hard to know what to say. In the natural, things have been progressing pretty slowly. We've been waiting on the government to re-open the proper offices so we can move forward with our work, and until then we can go no further. So it's easy to feel frustrated. It feels as though we've been waiting forever for our centers to open so we can begin the "real" work. But if I look deeper than that, this has been an important season of strengthening.

September 2014 Evan & Natasha Richmond Update

Dear Friends and Family,
We’ve only just arrived in Mozambique and we already love it.  Shortly after arriving I found myself journaling, “…for the first time in about two years, I feel like I'm at home. After painful goodbyes in my hometown Ottawa, the joys of saying "hello" and hugs from the girls in my dorm fill any lingering sorrow. I smile at Evan, "we're here, we're finally here”.“

May 2014 Jason Dueck Update

God has been moving since I officially came under Iris Canada this past January. I went to the Iris Fortaleza base this last January to prepare for an upcoming trip to Nepal with the rest of the team. There is a group of six people who are currently in Nepal, ministering the gospel to unreached people.

April 2014 David & Joanna Morrison Family Update

After 10 years of living, playing, learning, and serving together, we left Patrick in Canada last September. This was really hard to do, a bit like an amputation. We are thankful for modern communication, but look forward to a face to face reunion. Patrick is having a fabulous year at Kings' Christian Collegiate in Oakville, thanks to friends who made this possible.  




[Patrick climbing Malawi’s Zomba Mountain prior to leaving Malawi.]


April 2014 Don & Elizabeth Kantel Update

Many of our friends and ministry partners will have heard about the severe rains and resulting flooding in Northern Mozambique in March. We returned from Canada to Pemba just as the rains were finally letting up…and faced the full impact of the devastation.

Our own house was filled with mold from the heat, humidity, and rainwater that got in. All clothing, bedding, furniture, walls, and ceilings were covered. The smell was disgusting…and after a few weeks of washing and re-washing everything, there has only been some improvement.

February 2014 Jen Jewett Update

It's been a very exciting couple months. Our team is growing - 2 new team members joined in January,
and 3 more will be joining by next month. God is sending us doctors, social workers, financial people –
so many people whose skills are so necessary as we move forward with our work here, and who bring a
new dynamic to the team. And even more exciting for me, we have 2 Khmer staff working with us full time in
Phnom Penh now, which has made such an incredible difference. They bring so much to the team, and it is
so great to have them as part of the family.