IMC Missionary Updates

December 2010 Linda Currie Update

“Once again it is time to reflect on the activities of the past several months here in Pemba of how God has moved in our midst, and look to his plans for the future months. This has been an incredibly busy time for me, as the missionary overseeing the kitchen. It has been a joy for me to assist and see some of my Mozambican brothers and sisters stepping out and trusting God as they take on new positions. There have also been some deep disappointments as others chose wrong paths. In it all I can see God moving, and I trust in his infinite goodness and wisdom.

June 2010 David & Joanna Morrison Update

“Mo wakens with the birds, before the sun is up, and heads to his office for coffee and quiet!  Jo hopes to waken at 6 a.m. in time for a walk before school, but will accept a cup of tea in bed and a bit of quiet if that doesn’t happen. Meanwhile, Kalina and Patrick like to get up at 6 and begin their school day. Daniel prefers the evenings, and gets up in time for 8 a.m. school. Thandi arrives at 8 a.m. to join us for our school day. At 8, we should all be up and ready to roll. We spend the first 2 hours doing math and language arts, and other independent subjects.