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Report by David Morrison
Bangula, Malawi

I have just returned to the Iris base in southern Malawi after witnessing the devastating flooding in central Mozambique. The situation is very serious…much worse than last year. We went to Mutarara District in the province of Tete and there...

Resport by Heidi Baker 



Dear friends,

I pray that your holidays were filled with joy celebrating Jesus’...

Report by David Morrison 'Mo'                                                              Bangula, Malawi...

Report by Shara Pradhan

Assitant to Heidi Baker

I just got off the phone with Heidi who asked me to send out a quick update to our family of friends. We thank God for each of you who have so covered us in love, support and intercession. We...

Report by Heidi Baker
Pemba, Mozambique

Here is a little bit of our news. I have been extremely blessed by your love and prayers for Rolland and me and for our Iris family. We are focusing on beautiful Jesus and trusting Him for His healing power to be manifested. Rolland is still...

April 4, 2007

Report by Heidi Baker
Pemba, Mozambique

Years ago, I had a vision of Jesus surrounded by a multitude of children. Jesus looked at me with His intense burning eyes of love and I was completely undone. He told me to...

March 28, 2007

Report by David Morrison “Mo”
Bangula, Malawi

“We welcome you and embrace the message of hope you proclaim.” - Traditional Authority Chief in Mozambique

Another bumpy drive on another hot day, into the flooded area of...