October 2014 Bob & Betty Blanchette Update

We are happy to be back in Zimpeto and all is going well!

We have the carpentry shop at Marracuene up and running, have made four windows, and will be delivering them tomorrow morning.

Emilio and Bob are working with three boys, Antonio, Betinho, and Santo. They are there to learn how to make windows and doors. Emilio and Bob were out there last week getting things ready and the boys started on Monday of this week. They are very eager to learn. It is our goal to be able to make windows and doors for the community, which will also help to cut down expenses in the workshop.

bob 1_0.JPG

bob 2_0.JPG

bob 4_0.JPG

The sewing program continued to operate in Betty’s absence. The Mozambican teacher is quite a gifted seamstress and a very good teacher. Betty has more of a supportive role this year. There are many new girls and a few that have been there for a number of years.

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