October 2016 Bob & Betty Blanchette Update

It has been so good to return to Zimpeto after a season in Canada. It has been great to see all of our friends and the children, and the young  men and women that we work with.

Bob has been busy with the carpentry training program, building some doors and windows, a desk and a bench.They also  tore out the old play ground equipment on base. The children were not too happy! What they didn’t know was that a company was coming in to put up some new equipment shortly thereafter.


Betty is getting things organized in the sewing room. There are many new girls in the program and she is overjoyed to be back!


The economy has been doing poorly here. In the past we could buy 30 meticais with 1 American dollar. Last week we got 79 to 1. It’s excellent for us but very bad for the people. We hardly know where to begin helping. Several years ago when Betty was feeling overwhelmed she felt that God told her to: 'Do what you can in your little corner'. So that’s what we do. It’s a privilege to help these dear people.

It’s hard to believe that driving in Mozambique could get any worse, but it definitely has. I drive and Betty prays! The last time we were out it was hair-raising!