October 2016 Children's Feeding Program in Northern Mozambique Update

Most of those reading this report have never had to go to bed hungry or wonder where their next meal will come from. But that's the daily reality for the majority of poor village children in Mieze. The government claims to have won the war against poverty; but the truth is very different for the rural poor throughout Mozambique. The majority of village children continue to suffer the ravages of  extreme poverty; and a large part of our ministry in Mieze and rural Pemba is helping meet these most basic human needs in Jesus' name.

Our various food programs include regular food distribution to over 150 poor families (including about a thousand children); powdered milk distribution to over 60 mothers and babies; complete food and care for 80 resident children in Mieze and Noviane; support for another 55 village children through the sponsorship program; and weekly feeding of 600 village children following the Saturday discipleship program. All of this is funded through your gifts to Iris Ministries Canada.

We continue to marvel at the disproportionate difference sponsorship support makes for the village children and their families who are touched by the Father's love through our "Stop for the One--Canada" Sponsorship Program. In circumstances of abject poverty, even a little help makes such a huge difference...and creates an open door for the gospel!



[Love makes a difference! Top Picture: Mieze village children in their dirty rags attend the Saturday discipleship program and receive a hot meal of beans and rice (most of which they take home to their families). Bottom Picture: A group of our sponsored village children gather in front of a mural at the children’s centre. With more support from our faithful sponsors, these children have clean clothes, regular food, and are in school and in church every Sunday.]