October 2016 Don & Elizabeth Kantel Update

There are many ways to evangelize; and if the message is true and pure, God uses them all to build his Church and Kingdom. For Don and Elizabeth, relationships have been the primary key to seeing thousands come to the Lord over the past dozen years in Africa. Relationships take time, commitment, and authenticity; but the fruit is good...and lasting!

There are currently 135 Mozambican children in their extended family, ranging in age from seven to 21. All are in school; all are in church; all are healthy, happy, and experiencing the Father's love and care in a very immediate way. There is also now a thriving church in Mieze of several hundred adult believers...all of whom, like the children, have come to Jesus one by one in response to the Father's love in action in the lives of those around them.


[Love is a renewable resource. The more you give it away, the more you have to give!]