October 2016 Jason Dueck Update

So it is time again for an update and a lot has happened since the last one! In the last four months I have been busy with planning a wedding and getting married, renovating the house where we will live and pastoring the church that we have planted.
The work in the interior has continued these last month’s even though I have not been present there full-time. We are blessed to have a team who are also committed to the work that God is doing in the interior. We have a team of 8 full-time missionaries committed to serving in the interior (including Lane and myself). Our entire team (with the exception of myself) is Brazilian and one of our missionaries is from Salgado (the village where we are working). Over the last months I have continued to go to the interior to help with the weekend services on Friday and Sunday evenings. We have felt led to incorporate times of prayer into our services and it has been beautiful to see how God touches hearts during these times. Right now there are about 20 people who consistently attend the services, aside from about 40 children. Our vision in the interior is to raise up leaders who are natives to the sertão who will continue the work even after we are gone.

jas 3_0.JPG

I have also been renovating the house in which Lane and I will live. The house is very old and needed a LOT of work, but it is livable now. I was very blessed to have my brother in law and his brother helping me with the renovations. We fixed many cracks and holes in the walls, painted the house, renovated the bathroom, installed a new sink, redid the electrical, redid a lot of plumbing and fixed the roof. There is still a lot more work to do but we are excited to move in.

jas 2_0.jpg
Lane and I were also very busy these last few months with wedding planning. There is a lot more to think of when planning a wedding than I ever imagined! Haha! We were so blessed to have family and friends here in Fortaleza for the wedding. I would have to say that my wedding day was one of the happiest days of my life! We really sensed the presence of God during the ceremony as we worshipped and took communion together.

jas 1_0.jpg

We recently arrived back in Fortaleza after our honeymoon and we are feeling excited about the upcoming season. We are planning on moving to the interior this weekend and we are excited to see what God is going to do there! We will need prayer for this next season as we will be leading the church as well as the group of missionaries with whom we are working.

Prayer points:

Wisdom. Wisdom how to be a pastor after the Lord’s heart. Wisdom how to be a Christ-like husband.

Depth of relationship with Christ. Pray that we would be able to prioritize relationship with Jesus in the midst of business.

Health and safety. It is not uncommon to find scorpions and spiders in the house! The climate is also extremely hot and so it is not uncommon for missionaries to feel the effects of the sun.