October 2016 Jen Jewett Update

Since my last update much effort has been made to bring routine back to our kids and families in the slum. They know to expect us every Tuesday and Thursday. That we'll pull up in our big blue tuk tuk loaded with toys and games and snacks, and families come to us with their questions and concerns. It feels just like home there now, and we are so happy to be there every week.


Our next step in the slum is to hopefully rent one of the houses there so we can have more of an official presence there, and our own personal space to work from. We've seen countless situations where entire communities turn around when Christians have some kind of an official connection and ‘ownership’ in the area they're working in, so we are very excited! It will be a very simple slum house, much like the ones our families live in, but it will open a whole new field of possibilities. One of my personal dreams for this house is to have a place where I can teach the kids how to really worship God and to hear his voice. The area where we have our kids program now is outside along one of the main roads, so to teach the kids something so intimate and personal is nearly impossible. With our own room they will have much more privacy, and feel safe and comfortable to be able to close their eyes and be still and learn to connect with their heavenly Father.


Our team itself has had some transition in the past few months as well. Two of our team members from our Sihanoukville base have come to Phnom Penh to take on the role of our team leaders here. They were already dear family who have been in Cambodia since our beginnings with Iris here, so it has been such a joy to have them step into this role and cast fresh vision and passion for the work we're doing here in Phnom Penh. Things feel very exciting here these days. Loaded with possibilities and dreams becoming realities. I'm so excited to see where this next season is taking us!