October 2016 Zimpeto Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update

Food Supplement Program:

Prices in Mozambique are soaring at the moment. Each week there is an increase in the cost of rice, sugar, and other food items which make up the staple diet of most Mozambicans. Thankfully the people who receive from our food box program receive these items in their boxes.

We have a team of Mozambicans who visit the homes of people who are asking for help. This is one way that some of the children end up coming to live at the centre. Recently the team visited a grandmother who is taking care of several grandchildren by herself because the parents have either died or abandoned them. By giving this grandmother a food box each fortnight, we are helping this family to stay together.


[Two members of the team going on a home visit.]

Infant Milk Supplement Program:

2016-06-16 10.19.33.jpeg

The babies in the above picture joined the milk program when they were one month old. Their mom came asking for help because she was unwell, was unable to produce enough milk to adequately feed the babies, and their father had abandoned them. The babies were very small and their weight was far below where it should have been for their age. Since joining the milk program the babies have been able to catch up on their weight, and they are now in the top twenty-five percentile of the babies in the program. They are doing very well!

The most exciting part is that through the program the mom heard about the church and has started attending, so now not only are her physical needs being met, but her spiritual needs are being met as well. Thank you for the impact that you are making for the babies and families in our communities.