October 2017 Children's Feeding Program in Northern Mozambique Update

Few Westerners have any personal experience of true hunger; but hunger and the fear of starvation are a reality many Mozambicans live with.

Most Mozambicans have no regular income, so there is great uncertainty about food for their families. And children and the elderly are the most vulnerable when there's no food available.

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[More than 500 poor village children line up patiently to receive a plate of beans and rice following the Saturday morning discipleship program in Mieze.]

Our Mieze project provides food on a regular basis to at least a couple of thousand village poor. Both the food and the regularity help ease the double impact of deprivation and uncertainty for many families. We'd like to do more; but it is our privilege to be your partners in sharing the Father's blessing with so many!

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[Many of these little kids have walked a couple of kms with smaller siblings in tow (or on their backs). Most of the food is taken home in worn plastic bags to be shared with the entire family…perhaps the only food the family will have all day!]