October 2017 Don & Elizabeth Kantel Update

In July of this year Heidi and Iris hosted a gathering of two hundred or more Iris leaders from Iris bases and ministries around the world. Participants included Steve Lazar from Zimpeto--and Don and Elizabeth, along with Martinho and Cristina Djirane, representing the Mieze and Noviane Centres.


[Elizabeth at Mieze with Cristina Djirane and other staff women.]

The 3-day gathering was held at Iris' beautiful oceanside university campus about half an hour's drive from the Pemba Base. Two special speakers who ministered to the Iris family were Bill Johnson, noted author and Pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, CA, and Brother Yun whose dramatic personal story of imprisonment and torture in China is told in the book, The Heavenly Man.

Martinho is our Mozambican Administrator at the Noviane and Mieze Centres; and his wife, Cristina is one of several staff looking after the 50 resident children in Mieze. Neither had ever been at a gathering of leaders like that before and they were richly blessed by the worship, fellowship, and teaching that was offered. As an illustration of how new the gospel is to our region of northern Mozambique, Martinho's comment about Brother Yun's testimony was that he hadn't realized before that there actually were Christians in China!

Don and Martinho shared about the work at Mieze and Noviane with the other leaders and also participated in a break-out session for leaders of  various Iris children's centres in several countries in Africa and beyond.


[Don and Martinho Djirane sharing at recent leadership gathering in Pemba about the work at Mieze and Noviane.]