October 2017 Jen Jewett Update

Things have steadily continued to grow since April, both in our railway community and on the riverside. My focus personally has shifted quite a bit from the railway to the riverside, (as that is where I feel called) but I am still teaching worship and music in the railway community.

Two months ago we started to bring in a group of kids from a partnering NGO to lead worship with our kids in the morning, and hold music classes in the afternoons. They come twice a month and bring a big band to lead worship in the morning.  It is so much fun to see our kids watching them with their mouths hanging open in awe. Kids, some their same age, playing together in a band, worshipping Jesus! I can just see the inspiration bubbling up in their little hearts.

Jen 1_0.jpg

[Kids from our partner organization leading worship in our railway community (faces blurred as they are kids from another anti-trafficking organization).]

To help foster the inspiration, the same kids have been coming in the afternoons to teach music. We have kids learning guitar, percussion and ukulele. This has been a dream of mine for several years now, so it is so exciting to finally see it happening, and in an even better way than I could have imagined! Khmer kids teaching other Khmer kids how to worship. It's beautiful!

The riverside has also been progressing quite a bit. We now have two areas we focus on along the riverside, and are developing a kids club there. We were gifted with a whole bunch of new toys last month, so now we are able to play soccer, skip, and hula hoop with the kids out there. Myself and our Khmer staff leader spend some time checking in with the families we know, and meet the new faces that pop up constantly, listening to their stories, making sure everyone is ok, and helping where we can, while the rest of our team play with the kids and become human jungle-gyms for the evening!  We are starting to introduce some worship and short teaching with the kids as well. Each of our two areas look quite different from each other, and the riverside families are very transient, so each week looks different than the week before, keeping us open to Holy Sprit's leading. We are always meeting new people and experiencing new situations - there is definitely never a mundane or dull night on the riverside! 

Jen 2_0.JPG

[Face painting with our riverside kids.]

We are still praying to obtain a specific building on the riverside, and have worked it into our routine to walk past it each night we are there and pray. Thanks for following along with us on this journey!