October 2017 Sue Silva Update

Hi Everyone,

"Lord, You are my secret hiding place, protecting me from these troubles, surrounding me with songs of gladness! Your joyous shouts of rescue release my breakthrough." Ps. 32:7

The kids' clubs I have been running (see April 2017 update) slowed in June, as preparation of family gardens took priority, anticipating the soon coming rainy season. It was also the fishing season, so another reason the children could not come. Once the rains begin, everything just stops. People don't go anywhere, no matter how close or far.

Some exciting news that has been in the works is that we now have a fishing boat ready, totally by God’s grace and provision. This has allowed us to give local fishermen some work, which we hope will in turn provide for some educational scholarships for students who could not otherwise afford to go to school. The 1st catch was incredible! Five barracuda were caught, one a little over 6 feet witht the rest between 4 and 5 feet. We are very thankful to God for this provision. With the rainy season upon us, for safety reasons fishing isn't possible right now. The rains are beginning to lessen in intensity, and the regular fishing season will resume soon.


On August 14th heavy rains caused serious flooding and mudslides resulting in the deaths of over 1,000 people. Countless were left homeless. The devastation took place in Freetown where we are based. Please pray for the many families affected. Many lost everything, including many loved ones. Rebuilding homes will take time and resources. The restoration of the hearts dealing with trauma is something only God can do.


I returned to Canada in June to receive medical care, as advised by a doctor in Freetown. I've come through a hard season of sickness, but I rejoice in the great blessings that God has comforted me with in the lows as well as the highs.

While in Canada I have been speaking in various churches, renewing friendships, and taking time needed to get myself healthy again.

I will be returning to Sierra Leone shortly and can't wait to see what God has in store for this year! The Lord has let me know that ‘in closeness to Him, I am safe; in the intimacy of His presence I am energized’. Take me deeper Lord. Take me lower. Have your way. In all things, keep me closer.